29 August 2006


Final post on the organ theme for the time being and it's the sprawling 1975 jazz funk extravaganza Afro-desia from Lonnie Smith on Groove Merchant.Quite a line up on this one with,among others,Ron Carter on bass,Joe Lovano on saxes and George Benson on guitar -way,way before he started warbling and became a superstar.George was of course mates with the pre-turban Lonnie in Jack McDuff's combo which Smith used to fill in for and George appears on this as an uncredited friend due to contractual reasons.The albums a pretty wild brew moving from the storming latin conga and cowbell breakdown of Straight to the Point thru a full tilt take on Coltrane's Impressions (called Favors for this set) to the bass heavy psychedelic break driven funk of both Afro-desia and Spirits Free.
Incidentally I read some where that Lonnie took to wearing a turban and in recent years calling himself "Doctor"Lonnie Smith because "he felt like it"!Interesting what you can do as a bona fide master of the hammond b3!!!
This is ripped from a vinyl re-issue although its had a couple of cd presses over the years which are filled out with tracks from other lps and with different titles to the same tunes(!!!)


xmnr0x23 said...

Work... Must meet deadline... Stress... Back at home, keep up with Orgy & Co.


bacoso said...

xmnr0x23-nice one!!!Will give you a break tomorrow as I dont want you to burn out.

xmnr0x23 said...

:) Same for you, mate. Hope you still like sharing, because I'm discovering a lot of great music thanks to you and other blogs!

YEAH! said...

hey guys nice blog, you want more?
I want to invite you both to The jazz board. http://forums.superfreeforums.com/diagnostic.html. I am sure you gonna like it.

xmnr0x23 said...

KABLOOM!!!! I'm awestruck... Have winamp stuffed with all your recent albums and by random it started playing "Spirits Free". Love that track!

markus1320 said...

hey bacoso, i'm having trouble with rapidSHARE. It gives me this message everytime.
"Your IP-address is already downloading a file. You have to wait until it is finished...If you are not downloading anything, you are using a proxy-server or a shared IP-address."
It started giving me grief a few days ago. anything i can do to fix this?
respect for this epic blogspot.

verge said...

^Dude, that means you're already downloading something from rapidshare and don't have an account, so you can't download until the last one is done.

Anyway, the link isn't working for me, I guess it's dead at this point.

You guys rock, regardless.
Thanks for everything!