26 August 2006


Yet more from the organ grinder swing-While most practitioners of the instrument have followed closely on the heels of Jimmy Smith, on Into Somethin', Larry Young demonstrates his unique horn-like approach to melody. With the help of Sam Rivers (saxophone), Grant Green (guitar), and Elvin Jones (drums), Young puts forth a swinging collection of tunes that isn't particularly drenched in the traditional gospel/soul sound usually produced by an organ ensemble. Instead, this is a crisp, exciting session that, along with Unity, would eventually help make Young one of the legends of the B-3. The effortless waltzing bounce of "Tyrone" opens the set as Rivers and Young glide through the melody while Jones swings intensely in the background. The heavy Latin groove of "Plaza de Toros" sets up some stunning rhythmic interactions between Grant, Young, and Jones. The intricate "Paris Eyes" and the bluesy "Backup" are both excellent swinging numbers that further display Young's non-traditional approach to the instrument and his masterful soloing prowess. Finally, the classic "Ritha"is an exhilarating composition that displays the full wealth of Young's legendary abilities.


martin said...

this organ saga is great! from Smith to Young!


ZubZub said...

This is an awesome record that was in my rip pile - now i can refile.
thanks again!