17 August 2006


Back in 1970 João Donato was living in Los Angeles when the Blue Thumb label offered him carte blanche to make a record, telling him to go out and buy the latest electric gizmos. While shopping for keyboards, he also picked up a few Led Zeppelin and James Brown records along with some mind-altering substances.He dragged in Emil Richards as producer-yes,the man behind the totally bonkers"Stones"LP and grabbed Deodato to do the horn arrangements.Bud Shank,Dom Um Romao,Ernie Watts,Conti Candoli,Chuck Domanico,Oscar Castro Neves all came along with more of the best of L.A.s session men to create this masterpiece.
"At the time, music was very raw, noisier," says Donato. "And I made the noisiest record I can ever remember making." True enough. The wildly funky album Donato created with arranger Eumir Deodato , A Bad Donato stands as one of the great sleeper psych-funk party blasts of the 70s.Totally essential!!!

Ripped from the original vinyl.


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Great description! Can't wait!

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Rogerio said...

Such a wonderful record!! Doanto at his funkiest!
Thanks a *LOT* for sharing!

joaquin villaverde said...

Thanks. Great Record

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And once again, great album!

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Probably the best record review EVER!!

Excellent LP.


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One of my favorite albums. BTW - I linked to you on my blog, hope that's alright.