12 August 2006


Harold Vick led relatively few record dates of his own, but this little-known session is one of his better efforts. Known primarily for his work as a tenor saxophonist, Vick also plays soprano sax and flute on this mid-'60s RCA Victor album. Most of the disc is devoted to British tenor saxophonist Kenny Graham's eight-part "Caribbean Suite," which consists of musical impressions of various islands in the West Indies. Joining Vick are trumpeter Blue Mitchell, vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, pianist Albert Dailey, guitarist Everett Barksdale, bassist Walter Booker, and drummer Mickey Roker, along with Latin percussion by Montego Joe and Manuel Ramos. Like other boppers who delved into Afro-Cuban music, Vick's arrangements of this obscure suite work very well. He also adds a fine take of Charlie Parker's "Barbados" and his own "Letitia," both of which fit in rather nicely with the album concept. Long out of print, this LP may be difficult to acquire. ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

This was re-issued on cd a couple of years ago.


Michael said...

Great album with a great theme as well. Thanks.

The Bus Conductor Hines said...

Wow, I was looking at this yesterday, trying to decide whether or not to buy it.
Now I'll be able to listen and make a decision.


katonah said...
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katonah said...

hi there, don't suppose you could re-up this plse.been hitting "don't look back" on strata east quite a bit lately. Could send DLB if your interested ... ashley

Jonathan said...

great blog! any possible way you could re-up this one for us?

David Faga-Balboa said...

Please listen to Jonathan above. I'm really after this gem and couldn't get it the first time around. Would you be so kind to re-upload it for our delight? Thanks in advance. :)

Simon666 said...

Here is a re-up from Bacoso himself :


I've linked to this post in a Harold Vick discography Text to be displayed

Thanks Bacoso!

Simon666 said...

Hi again Bacoso ,
I’ve linked to your page once again in my post of Harold Vick – “Commitment” (1974)
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taro nombei said...

Thanks for this Bacoso,
I'm finally picking up on it thanks to Simon's latest post. Good line up, looking forward to this,

Art Simon said...

I'm following Simon here, thanks! Great post! I'm digging it!

lcbriza said...

Thanks a lot, Bacoso, for sharing this.

Goldmund said...

great post! thanks for sharing!!

this my first post on your blog, it made me feel blessed to have found it.

this album is so nice. i think it's versatile within the theme, surprising, and the cheese is tasty as well.

greetings from holland!