1 August 2006


Live at Montreux (1978) was Ellis's final recording. This recording offers reflections of the more adventurous Ellis ensemble recordings on selections such as "Future Feature," "Sporting Dance," and "Niner Two." However the hi hat driven "Go-No-Go" indicates Ellis's continued connection to popular styles. The selection "Open Wide" enjoyed some degree of popularity with its 4/4 meter and accessible main theme (somewhat reflective of Chuck Mangione's hit "Feel So Good"). Despite the conventional meter, the selection also represents an excellent example of Ellis's rhythmic superimpositions 5 beats over a 4/4 barline.
Live at Montreux demonstrates a more-restrained use of Ellis's trademark "odd" meters, but makes up for it with a more liberated use of extremely sophisticated rhythmic superimpositions including a good deal of latin influences.
This is ripped from the original vinyl-it was reissued on cd by Koch with bonus tracks but although its still floating around on the net I think its been deleted.


LearMendigo said...

Thanks very much. Don Ellis is a great trumpet player, sophisticated. Thanks a lot!!

DonHo57 said...

Thanks loads for this. I got to participate in a high school jazz clinic that Ellis did in 1974 or 1975, and he was a wild man. Great to talk with, great player, and his charts are still a beast to play, but always fun.

Mark said...

Is there any chance of getting some of these great Don Ellis releases re-upped. I lost mine in a hard drive crash and have been missing them badly.