29 August 2006


What series of posts on Hammond players could be complete without the Mighty Burner himself - Charles Earland.This is a blistering live set from a performance at Montreux in 1974 recorded for Prestige with Jon Faddis,Clifford Adams,Dave Hubbard,Aurell Ray,George Johnson and Ron Carter.
Here's a review from Richie Unterberger @ All Music Guide

Earland was getting into mixing up his customary organ with electric piano and synthesizer by the time of this 1974 concert, recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival. While this sometimes broadened his tonal range impressively, at other times it worked against his best strengths and his best instrument, the organ. Still, this is a respectable and energetic set containing some real flights of inspiration, as when he seems to be barely keeping some demons in check during the more frenzied solos in "Joe Brown" and "Morgan." There's a good share of space for the three hornmen in the lineup, and he lets loose with some pretty combative outer-space electronics once he gets into the two-part, 16-minute "Suite for Martin Luther King," complemented by some nearly free jazz soprano sax by Dave Hubbard. That piece mellows into some near-fusion in its second half as Earland moves to electric piano, a mood which carries over to the closing "Kharma," probably the most pop-R&B-friendly of the five tracks (all Earland compositions).


lo-fi said...

Sorry to break the news, but there are tracks missing from this one, 1-6. The suite for Martin Luther King is exquisite though!!!

bacoso said...

lo-fi ..this is ripped from the 2 lps one 1 cd charles earland in concert.trax 1-6 are live at the lighthouse and 7-12 are Kharma.Sorry for the confusion-must try and renumber the trax when i rip 'em.

Kosta said...

is there any chance to have the link of 7-12 Kharma refreshed...?
thanks !
PS: thanks also for leaving the tracks as they are...without decrackers software that that rub out the click and crack together with the high freq. givin' the effect as u've put a big pillow on your woofer

OldHippieRick said...

Hey great post 4 real, but the link is dead sorry to say. bacoso..:-(
it is one of the very few i don't have it will show it self one day..