10 August 2006


BOLLOCKS !!!My audio cd burner just died on its ass and has passed over to the other side ( the bin ).Bloody thing was only a couple of years old and was fantastic for ripping vinyl with good quality results.So there will be no more vinyl posts for a little while which has scuppered my immediate plans for Pharoah's Live at the East and some more from Michael White.It's cd rips for the time being unless anyone can shed light on the diagnostics/ workings of a Philips cdr775.In the meantime here's a picture of me on the phone complaining to the local hi fi shop !


Licorice Pizza said...

Sorry to hear your woes my friend. I crashed my whole pc 2 weeks ago and that really sucked.

Seems like everybody has a different way to rip wax! You use a cd burner??

Any way my condolences for your equipment loss.


The Impaler said...

My condolonces also, I lost my good 78rpm turntable a couple of months ago (it just quit!) so I was out of the game until I resurrected the ELAC... it's not as good as the Fons, and I can't do transcription discs (the 16-inch ones) but it'll get me going until I can get the Fons back running.

I feel your pain & hope you get back up soon cuz your posts are muy brilliant!

micaus said...

I have the same burner and mine's still alive and adding some rpis to "The Sky Moves Sideways" blog @ http://jrfg.blogspot.com/

I really hope you can get it fixed as you post brilliant stuff. I am particularly enjoying the Impulse posts, even though the Michael White seems to be faulty.

Keep up the good work

Miss F said...

thanks f0r posting your picture, i neVer thought you were so cuTe and hairY.

your friend from the Bonobo family,