9 August 2006


On this 1966 Impulse release, tenor saxophonist Archie Shepp unleashed his 18-minute tour de force "The Magic of Ju-Ju," combining free jazz tenor with steady frenetic African drumming. Shepp's emotional and fiery tenor takes off immediately, gradually morphing with the five percussionists -- Beaver Harris, Norman Connor, Ed Blackwell, Frank Charles, and Dennis Charles -- who perform on instruments including rhythm logs and talking drums. Shepp never loses the initial energy, moving forward like a man possessed as the drumming simultaneously builds into a fury. Upon the final three minutes, the trumpets of Martin Banks and Michael Zwerin make an abrupt brief appearance, apparently to ground the piece to a halt. This is one of Shepp's most chaotic yet rhythmically hypnotic pieces. The three remaining tracks, somewhat overshadowed by the title piece, are quick flourishes of free bop on "Shazam," "Sorry Bout That," and the slower, waltz-paced "You're What This Day Is All About." ~ Al Campbell, All Music Guide
Another one of Shepp's Impulse lps thats only made it to cd in Japan-this rip is from that cd isue.


the man cable said...

wow, killer share.
thx again!

lo-fi said...

Hi. Great posts, all of them, i am really grateful to you for your effort. Two problems though; Gato Barbieri post has track two corrupted and Yusef Lateef is missing tracks 4,5 and 6. Keep it up, i will start posting too as soon as i repair my record player.

craig said...

Killer album, this one, unlike anything else in Shepp's catalogue (but then he never did like to repeat himself). Check out my Shepp site with reviews and a discography here.

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Thanks for your great posts!!!

Is it possible to reupload this album. Please.

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Deep from the archives ... a re-up would be great. Thanks, Bacoso!

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