15 July 2006


Ahmad Jamal joins forces with the great producer,writer and arranger Richard Evans on this swinging tour de force from 1962 on Argo.It's a series of musical impressions of South America created by Evans after a cultural exchange programme tour with the Paul Winter Sextet.To quote from the notes by Daddy-O Daylie:
"Ahmad Jamal,the driving force behind this album,is at home in Brazil.Coaxing great blocks of shimmering sound from the piano,the great pianist defends his reputation as the most rhythmic and creative artist working on the keyboard today.
Evans provides a colourful frame for the Jamal palette.Using jazz greats and conservatory trained musicians from the New York Philharmonic and other symphony orchestras he paints brilliant impressionistic portraits with strings,french horns,flutes,harps and bells.Darting in and out of the splashes of sound,Jamal rises to great heights as an artist by dominating this large and impressive orchestra."
Bogota is the stand out track on the lp for me closely followed by Haitian Market Place but its all good listening and another great example of Jazz Exotica.



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Hi, first of all let me tell you how great your blog is, with this terrific idea of making mostly out of print lp’s available!
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