24 June 2006


In keeping with the context of the Le Blog De Pekis post here's a nice bit of CTI fusion from 1981.4 long tracks make up the lp -"Silk" and "Sunwalk" are fairly average jazz funk tunes with some pretty shitty but mercifully short vocoder antics on the latter - however quite enjoyable for all that(must have my nostalgia head on today!).
It's the middle 2 cuts that kick ass and really shift that are so good."In celebration of the human spirit"(Stanley Clarke wrote it-who else with a pompous title like that?)kicks off with a typical bit of ol'big mits bass intro business sliding into a nice brass head out of which comes a 100mph latin flyer.And who's that on the first solo-yes its Wynton "Fusion is a dirty word"Marsalis!!!!!Try finding this lp on any of his discographies!God knows how Creed Taylor got him on this but he's great.Stan drives the whole thing along in fine style with some propulsive bass and Figueroa and Badrena wack the shit out of their percussion in the background.Next up is the Ndugu tune "Hot Fire"which first got aired on George Dukes Reach for It lp if I remember rightly.Again another latin based flyer with solos from Clarke,Gale,Marsalis, Valentin and a nice drum/percussion break towards the end.Great production from Creed Tylor as always and this was pretty much the end of the road for CTI with only a couple more albums coming out which were crap.Good end to a checkered catalogue whichswung wildly between MOR rubbish and some stupendously good fusion.

Wynton Marsalis (tp,flhrn); Tom Browne (tp); Stanley Turrentine (ts); Dave Valentin (f): Ronnie Foster (key,synth); Todd Cochran (synth); Eric Gale (g); Stanley Clarke (b);Marcus Miller (b); Ndugu (Leon Ndugu Chancler) (d,arr); Manolo Badrena ,Sammy Figueroa (perc).



bacoso said...

will re upload this lp tomorrow as I have lost the link!

bacoso said...


this is a new link-i have uploaded the whole lp again

doggzillafunk said...

thx but the track 2 is missing

GeeeFlat said...

thanks a lot.

GeeeFlat said...

Still only 4 tracks in the new link :'(. Anyc ahnce of a new upload trial ? Pleeeeeaaaaaase ? Have mercy?

bacoso said...

the reason that there are 4 tracks on the link is that there are only 4 tracks on the lp!!!!!!!!!

thefunkygoat said...

I have this on vinyl, somewhere in my garage, would love to hear it again... will have to get a new turntable and rip it myself tho', less'n you re-up it... I get a 'File Not Found' thing when I follow the link to Rapidshare.

As I recall Leon 'Ndugu' Chancler plays some ballistic Latin grooves on this disc... I remember trying to play this stuff on my drum kit aged 13, and failing! I'll have to download it or rip it... and try again!

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