3 June 2006


This lp was probably one of my first introductions to Brazilian music when I bought it in the early 80s after hearing Braun Blek Blu - it completely blew me away.I couldnt believe this could be the work of just one man ,his drum kit,a cow bell and vocals!!!
And what an lp to get-a storming version of Ponteio and each track a killer in its own right.But of course - it also features the great Joao Donato!
Read what the critic Gary Giddins had to say about it in his liner notes:
Doms Tune is a relaxed hybrid piece featuring Joe Beck.It has more than atouch of blues feeling and is coloured by exotic sounds that bespeak the wild birds and hollow echoes of the jungle.
Cinnamon Flower is an example of the cravo e canela ritma and is taken at a controlled canter.Bothe were arranged by Dom Salvador.
The cool and airy Family Talk introduces Donato's arrangement and harpsichord playing and Sivuca's fine rhythm guitar.Mauricios flute solo is a whirling dancer alternately moanining and laughing
Ponteio arranged by Sivuca Has a tantalising melody both wistful and dreamy that contrasts with the joy of the rhythm ,governed by Dom's exciting drums .
Dom goes it alone with on Braun Blek Blu and I wish I could have been there to see him record this one.It consists of a powerfully pulsating drum riff broken by recitations of the title and an extraordinary vocal that is unlike any scat you have ever heard before.There is a great bell like accompiament to the vocal and the break climaxes occuring twice before the vocal and at the terrifically rhythmic finish .
Adeus Maria Fulo has such an enchanting melody one wonders if lyrics exist.Amazonian jungle sounds serve as a prologue to the cosmopolitan theme leading into a harpsichord solo.The two saxophone solos are among the highlights of the album -Dodgians alto jolts the rhythm and Smiths searing soprano builds to the final pitch.



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namilac said...

Is this the same, Dom Um Romao 1964?

bacoso said...

no this is totally different this ones from 1973 and has a more jazz orientated feel and of course the sounds different 10 years on!!!!i have the 64 lp i think this one is better tho'ok?

namilac said...

Yeah great, I'm hearing it. Do you have informations? Musicians who are playing?

Christopher said...

Love reading your blog and the occasional DL.
Any chance for a re-up for this one?
All the best