24 June 2006


I have had to put Comment Moderation on this Blog as I noticed tonight I am having links put on the comments to Poker rooms /other nefarious commercial sites which I really dont want and I'm sure neither do you.I did not want to take this step as I have never had any problems with feed back-if you think its rubbish its your perogative to say and its my perogative to totally ignore you !!!!But seriously all I have had has been great and so still feel free to make your point- abuse and insults will be published as well as praise and thanks.I keep this site to promote great music and make it available to a wider audience. As before if you are unhappy with the uploads provided for copyright/distribution reasons I will pull the links.Keep the comments coming in and I'll keep publishing 'em .

Fuse one was the first affected and has been deleted and re-posted-if you commented it's nothing to do with what you said!!!I am aware there's a problem with track 2 and will repost it some time tomorrow.


Curved Air said...

i feel your pain Bacoso. i have had a terrible run of the same over at CA. so i put the moderation hammer down too. i've noticed quite a few sharity folks have done the same.

oh joy!

contemporaryafrica said...

I agree with your measures. Say I keep looking for Orgy in Rhythm vol 1. Jazz Head's site mentioned it was here then I
couldnt find it??? It is the name sake of yoru blog so I imagine it is amazing.

A Taste of Vinyl said...

Did the same myself!

blikor said...
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