14 May 2006


Forget the "Lawrence Of Arabia" in the title, or any of the cheesy references that it might imply, because this LP is as great as any of Walt Dickerson's other records from the time, and it's got the same band that graced his Prestige recordings -- Andrew Cyrille on drums, Henry Grimes on bass, and Austin Crow on piano. The music's a wonderful blend of piano and vibes, played with Dickerson's usual dark edge -- and even though the compositions are from a familiar soundtrack of the time, Dickerson makes them into moody bases for improvisation over some exotic jazz changes.The softly shimmering ,languidly pulsating tones of the vibes are perfectly suited to the exposition of Maurice Jarre's haunting beautiful music.



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Jazz Impressions of Lawrence of Arabia (30:47)
Dauntless DS 6313
Recorded Unknown 1963
Unknown studio, NYC

Walt Dickerson (vb); Austin Crowe (p); Henry Grimes (b); Ahmed Abdul-Malik (b); Andrew Cyrille (d)


Theme from Lawrence of Arabia (M. Jarré) 2:49
That is the Desert (M. Jarré) 5:13
Motif from Overture (M. Jarré) [Part 1] 4:01
Motif from Overture (M. Jarré) [Part 2] 3:48
Arrival at Auda's Camp (M. Jarré) 2:24
Nefud Mirage (M. Jarré) [Part 1] 4:39
Nefud Mirage (M. Jarré) [Part 2] 4:23
The Voice of the Guns (K. Alford) 3:30

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Hi Bacoso,

Can you repost this wonderful recording? I've been looking for this for at least 3 years, before I stumbled onto you blog. I would greatly appreciate it.

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