19 May 2006


The Sweeney was obligatory viewing for me as a teenager in the 70s and monday night was the night - 9pm on ITV. Probably the best show about coppers british tv ever produced with a fantastic soundtrack to match. Most of the music has never been issued before save for brief sound library compilation appearances. The tunes on the set have a similar library funky approach but they've also got more of an "action" bent, as you'd expect.Its the usual suspects at work from De Wolfe in the main - Keith Mansfield ,Brian Bennet ,Barbara Moore ,Harry South of course and many more-even the great Jack Arel gets in there.What puts the icing on the cake with this set is the short sections of dialogue between Regan and Carter interspersed amongst the music which ranges from bloody hilarious to just poignant.
"Get your trousers on - you're nicked !"



m_napper said...

Incredible! As an American I had no knowledge of this show, but am sorry I missed it. And very glad to have this incredible driving soundtrack. Thanks!

LoungeTracks said...

UNBELIEVABLE! I only ever knew the title song from a compilation or two - I'm very glad to have this. It's jazzier & funkier than I had hoped for, many thanks!

And the dialogue is too cool for school!
"Do i write my statement and get drunk? Why not just get drunk." - Brilliant!

Where's the bartender around here?

magnum said...

Shut it you slag .. have you got the box sets?

bacoso said...

nah mate im comin round to yours to fackin watch em ...pass the bottle of scotch.

drumfusion said...


The Impaler said...

I have the box set, ta! So, when this here hit, I just HAD to be a villian and nick it! Right, George? Ehhhh, just DO AS I SAY!

Good stuff, this.