7 May 2006


This is what Johnny Trunk had to say about this quality bit of european jazz

"At long last MPS records have re-issued this sci-fi jazz monster. 17 tracks cut in about 1964, and all about a flight into Space. Fantastic in every way. I nearly got really desperate, anxious and sweaty just trying to track one of these rare re-issues down. I think an original is about a monkey (£500), so I'm obviously not going to get one of them."

No nor me so in desperation I rang Intoxica from my hospital bed when it was reissued and got it sent in the post as I was laid up with a busted ankle at the time .My good mate Soundsational kindly burnt it onto a cd for me and whipped it over to Poole Hospital where I lay happily dribbling into my soup with numerous pins and plates in my leg . Ah yes such wonderful music which sped the days of my convalescence on nicely and then months later I forgot about it as physio crunched into action. So now Soundsational no longer has it posted he sent me the link from his upload of it and here it is again.....I got the lp out and it all came flooding back -memories of morphine ,views of Poole Bay ,endless films on TCM and some great music.
Track listing in the comments.



streetsouljah45 said...

nice roland kovac lp from mps. thanks for posting it...anyway is there any tracklist?

one more thing do you have any tribe, strata east and saba labels that you could post?

bacoso said...

will post track list tonight-yes got more mps , saba and strata east that im going to post.Tribe is usually reissued by soul jazz/sounds of the universe who dont take kindly to them being posted so No to that one!!!!!!

streetsouljah45 said...

been looking for milton marsh - monism and m'boom re:percussion self titled lp from strata east do you have them and if you do do you have plans posting them?...im dying to hear it. thanks and have a nice jazzy day!

bacoso said...

heres the track listing
1. Space Station 1
2. Service 1
3. Heat
4. Sound Barrier
5. Marssonde
6. Northern Lights
7. Service 2
8. The Green Star
9. Munich On The Mars
10. Power Start
11. Milky Way
12. Colossus
13. Service 3
14. Computer
15. Mooncrater
16. Blue Dance
17. Space Station 2

mooky said...

Hi Bacoso..could you re up this?? and by the way..do you have any Side Effect LPs..cant find them anywhere.

Fat Toro said...

Hi Bacoso
Could U re-up this one brotha?