4 May 2006


Now side 1 and side 2 !!!!!

Totally bonkers piece of mad afro cuban exotica.Side 1 is awful but i have now posted it - the last track Fantasia is the exception - its a precursor to side 2 and a fine piece of bongo bashing ! The other 6 trax sounds like a garage band with the crappiest organ you ever heard and Perez grunting happily away.God knows what they were drinking when they cut side 2 but Concierto Para Bongo is tough bongo driven afro cuban with screeching horns hitting climax after climax. Really great stuff and should appeal to both exotica fans and the latin crowd .Mental!

Side 1 now added .




tetedur said...

Grrrrrr! Thanks, man, for this and other postings. Awesome, awesome stuff.

PS...if you have the time and inclination to post the cheesy-sounding Side 1 of this LP, man!!!! Don't underestimate the demand for kitsch and garage among people that visit this and similar sites...you'd be pleasantly surprised at the gratitude.

And once again, thank-you so much!

bacoso said...

tetedur yes I agree that there is a demand for this sort of thing but side 1 is not really in context with what I am doing on this blog .But thanks for your comments all the same maybe i will be put it on elsewhere-will keep you posted.

Ben T. said...

The masochist and completist in me would want to hear side 1, too.

Edgar Nevermoo said...

this is what humanity needs,
some big slaps on the skin, crazy stuff man
and as Ben T. writes, you made us too curious for side 1.

thank you for your beautiful posts

Edgar Nevermoo said...

this is what humanity needs,
some big slaps on the skin, crazy stuff man
and as Ben T. writes, you made us too curious for side 1.

thank you for your beautiful posts

bacoso said...

ok will try to get side 1 posted at some point soon - but dont say i didnt warn you!!!!!!!!!!

Edgar Nevermoo said...


as i heard them say in holland:
this "swings out of the pan!"
you will surely make a lot of people happy with this "awful" A-side.

i like it a lot.

thanks and greetings from the islands.

Jerry Brabenec said...

Our big band (ii-V-I Orchestra, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA) regularly performs several Perez Prado tunes and I always love it when we do "Patricia". It is an exercise in minimalism and groove. The cheezy keyboard interjections in the original recording are a big part of the charm of the tune, I would say, and historically pretty important. I feel your pain but at the same time I think saying Perez Prado is cheezy is like complaining that opera singers sing too high loud and wobbly. It just goes with the territory.

Thanks so much for the post, I really enjoy your blog!

- Jerry

tetedur said...

Holy cow!!! Thanks Bacoso, for this and all the other great things you post!

bacoso said...

hey jerry loved your comment - it really made me laugh . Nice one !!!

Aaron Solomon said...

Hey dude,

Thanks so much and mad props for posting this. I actually want to say a word in defense of Side 1 of this album, one of my favorites (and not as kitsch, as music).

Track 1, "Claudia," starts off with a kitschy organ and definitely has a rinky-dink sound, but the "chorus" breakdown really jumps, and I'm telling you that this is a killer, killer party track.

But I especially want to say that the trumpet lead during the second verse of "La Virgen de la Macarena" is flat-out one of the most stunning musical performances I have ever heard. I come back to it over and over and it never ceases to amaze me, both for its virtuosity but also its musicality. That Prado maintained a large band of journeymen musicians who could step forward and take a solo turn like that is really remarkable to me, looking back from the present.

Anyway, thanks again--great blog and I'll come back and dig around. A few tracks on this album are weak, but give Claudia and especially Virgen another listen--they are fantastic cuts, IMHO.


CANUCO said...

Who were the musicians on this recording? I have searched all over the web and have not been able to discover the bongocero on side B. Can you post that for us?

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Canuco, the bongosero is Clemente “Chicho” Piquero.

David said...

May u post new links please???..... I'm dying to hear this!!

Guz Kalavera said...

4 ys ago i found this wonderful blog, and thanks to you I got myself with so many great recordings, on of my favouites Perez Prado "Concierto para Bongo". Now I want to share with you a Perez Prado rare vynil, "Que Rico El Mambo" it contains La Bamba, Yesterday, Oye como va, Black magic woman, and many other great songs. I got it from a friend whose father owe the original 3 vinyl set. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Greetings from San Luis Potosí, México.

Guz Kalavera said...

Here is the link to "Que rico el Mambo"


Bacoso said...

Thanks Guz your rip is much much appreciated.Cheers!