7 May 2006


Beat this for a line up.......

Louis Bellson Drums, moog drum
Walfredo De Los Reyes, Sr. Conga, timbales, cowbell, clave, percussion
Walfredo De Los Reyes, Jr. Pans, drums, maracas, chekere
Alejandro Acuña Drums
Francisco Aguabella Batá, conga, quinto, claves
Emil Richards Cuica, vibes, afuche
Manolo Badrena Chekere, cowbell, roto toms, african bells
John B. Williams, Jr. Acoustic and fender bass
Israel "Cachao" Lopez Fender baby bass, acoustic bass, fender piano
Clare Fischer Electric piano
Luis Conte Conga
"Paquito" Francisco Hechavarria Electric piano, moog synth
Lew Tabackin Flute, tenor sax
Cat Anderson Trumpet
"El Negro" Vivar Trumpet

Recorded in 1978 with a totally banging rhythm section this lp is the best thing Bellson ever did. Completely on the case Bellson gathered the finest percussionists with the greatest afro cuban bass player Cachao and comitted this fantastic lp to wax.No more needs to be said - just download it !
This is ripped from vinyl but its also available on cd .One of my all time top 5.



Martian Shaker said...

Excellent ! Go on with these beautiful posts ...


tetedur said...

Holy COW!!!! This is so completely smoking! What an absolutely amazing discovery! Thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you!

Simon666 said...

Hi Bacoso,
Whenever I go searching for particular latin albums all over blogland, I always end up here in your rapidshare.de 2006 posts ...
Where WAS i then ? :)

Paul said...

And did you know one of the tracks was practically the theme for the Holiday Progtamme with Judith Chalmers.. Not bad for a Ballroom banger

The Moog said...

This is so damn good. I never hear enough Moog Drum !

Simon666 said...

re-up of your files :


Bacoso said...

thanks simon

taro nombei said...

This was way off my radar first time around when you first posted it — didn't know what I was missing, did i?

'totally banging' is an understatement, this is just brilliant.

hugely appreciated bacoso — and thanks Simon for the reup; and reza too for the heads-up.

Simon666 said...

Had this up at NER when Bacoso took a vacation from this blog and let me do an OIR series ...
So, here is a Mediafire alternative from that time as well :