23 May 2006


Herbie Hancock extends the reach of his Head Hunters-vintage electric music into the soundtrack field, with some switchbacks to earlier styles and old-fashioned movie suspense music thrown into the eclectic mix.Its surprising that with the popularity of this film and Herbie Hancock's name that this soundtrack didn't get a bigger release. Jerry Peters provides the requisite orchestral backgrounds, and the wah-wah guitar licks give some indication as to where Herbie's funk music would be going in the future and Im pretty sure from the overall sound he's joined by the Head Hunters on this album. The main title music is great - tense, streaked with Hancock's echo-delayed electric piano and understated orchestrations.More highlights include "Fill Your Hand", but the best is the "Revenge Suite", a wonderful 9 minute piece that spans Bronson's nightly vigilante activities and works remarkably well on its own, as does most of the disc. Incidentally, a good portion of the music heard in the film is unfortunately not on this album. (The opening music in Hawaii as well as the ominous cues heard over the credits upon the couple's return to New York City are absent.) Likewise, some of the music on this disc is not featured in the film. (For instance, the "Death Wish Theme" is great but isn't really the opening theme in the film.) Perhaps another label will re-release this with all of the music from the film. It's worth mentioning that this soundtrack is a world better than Jimmy Page's often-painful score for Death Wish II. Hancock should have been brought back.



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I love your posts, it's very exciting to come home to these great finds, thanks.

Also, could you point me in the direction where I might find obscure soul/rnb/funk from the 60's and 70's?



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you ever SEE deathwish2?
that stinker got the music it deserved!

thanx as always for the great tunes

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love this album, and your blog. thanks for all the enlightenment.

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very good work !!!!
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