21 May 2006


"This is an ecstatically beautiful album " wrote Herb Wong in the sleeve notes to this 1969 Cal Tjader lp.And I think he was right-I love this record .Cal got Joao Donato in on piano for this one who also wrote "Warm Song","Aquarius" and "Temo Teimoso"for the session.Cal knocked out "Souled Out",The Prophet""Cals Bluedo"and "The Loner" and added the standard "A Time for Love".He then added strings and vocals into the mix with the usual percussion / rhythm section and the combination works wonderfully as arranged by Don Sebesky.Moving from the swinging groove of the title track to the funky sound of Souled Out to the bossa influenced Donato input this lp hits the mark on every track .Beautiful jazz but also one for the lounge lovers. Oh and in case you're wondering where you may have heard it before Aquarius was sampled by a Tribe called Quest for Midnight Marauders .



Martian Shaker said...

absolutely marvelous ; this is a pearl ; I do not understand this album is not rated in hipwax, which is usually rather complete !

The Squeegee said...

ya simply can't go wrong with Tjader. he's such a tasty player. dude plays one kind of note: the RIGHT ONE (just like the genius who grew up nearly next door to Cal, across the Mississippi, in East St. Louis: Miles Davis)

freddydwight said...

yes'm. pearl, tasty morsel. all good metaphors. fine, fine album. tyvm.

Stan said...

Damn ... I'm too late !!! The album seems to have been deleted.

Is it possible to hav re-up? If not thanks anyways bacoso! There just ain't enough words to thank you!

Turk said...

Yeah plz re-share this its been rap1dly unshared :))

You made my day with 'Last Bolero in Berkley' that was just posted seems my only chance after many google shots in the dark of gaining this album (i eh must hear it at least for 5 years b4 buying it etc...)




(Cal Tjader - The Prophet : request)

Petr said...

can you upload something of Cal T?