18 May 2006


Bobby Hutcherson's first quartet outing, Happenings, casts the brightest spotlight on the vibraphonist's soloing abilities, matching him once again with pianist Herbie Hancock (who is also heavily featured) and drummer Joe Chambers, plus bassist Bob Cranshaw. For that matter, the album also leans heavily on Hutcherson's compositional skills; save for Hancock's "Maiden Voyage," six of the seven numbers are Hutcherson originals. Given his reputation as a modernist, most of the pieces here are structured pretty simply -- there's a lot of straightforward modal hard bop, giving Hutcherson and Hancock plenty of room to solo. They handle much of the material with a light, mellow touch, trading off meditative licks even on the more up-tempo pieces and poignant, lyrical lines on the ballads "Bouquet" and "When You Are Near." The two exceptions are the opening and closing numbers: "Aquarian Moon" is challenging post-bop, while the sinister "The Omen" finds Hutcherson opening up the bag of tricks he learned from the freely structured group dialogues Chambers wrote for albums past. Sharp stabs from the piano signal transition to a new, sometimes unaccompanied lead instrument, and Hutcherson's darting marimba lines build up a claustrophobic tension. That doesn't change the overall feel of the album, though, which ends up a charmingly relaxed, low-key outing and a beautiful addition to Hutcherson's fantastic Blue Note catalog.

link in comments is corrupted-this one is a new upload.



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bacoso,a belated thanks for all the great posts

wondering if you've changed settings for your zip software ... I've been able to open everything from your site (except Steve Reid's "Nova" (deleted, sadly) and now with this 62 meg rar post I get a 38 meg file with four tracks and art ... and a "fatal error" message

on the preceding mouth-watering post I only get the artwork (57kB) from a 30 meg rar

used ExtractNow and IZArc--normally, between the two, they'll open anything

anyone else having problems or just me :(

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yes just down loaded it head start is missing will try to upload again .

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Same here too, corrupt file track #5. The rest are A-ok though, thanks again OIR!

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B- got it this time! and love it!

rars are so weird as the file is exactly the same size as the other (scratch head)--the new upload of "Black Angel" still won't give me anything but the pics, thumbs file etc. but maybe it's my software(s) ... as everyone else seems to be getting SOME music out of it--look forward to your upcoming surprises--would love to see more Steve Reid (including "Nova") thanks!

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NOVA by steve reid is reissued by the guys at Soul Jazz in London.Iam guessing they have had the file deleted which is fair enough as i doubt any money will be made out of it so its really a labour of love.I wont be reposting it nor anything else re-issued by small independants.