17 April 2006


A mad mix of styles that perfectly sums up the sound of late 60s Brazil! Som Tres have their roots in the bossa generation, but they're stretching out here with a flurry of 60s styles from mod instrumental pop, groovy psyched-out production, and endless strands borrowed from European and soundtrack modes of the time. The result is a completely indescribable batch of tracks that's just about as groovy as groovy can be and which includes more than a few numbers that have been sought after for years by the Blue Brazil generation.Be warned - the first track is pretty awfull but the rest is great so dont be put off by it.



Paul said...

The first track is a cover of Jorge Ben's O Telefone Tocou Novamente and is amazing! This has recently been reissued on vinyl and is a really cool brazilian album...I wish som tres' other albums were easier/cheaper to obtain!

Bacoso said...

no the first track is "lola" the jorge ben cut is track 6