23 April 2006


I haven't posted a soundtrack for a while so here's a real cracker for you from the great Roy Budd .Heist films always provided some of the best soundtracks of the 70's, and this one (starring Robert Shaw and Richard Roundtree, and issued in the US as Diamond Shaft) is no exception. Budd rises to the groovy occasion and scores some excellent moments that match a light orchestral sound with a throbbing electric bass and percussion underground in a style that's like Lalo Schifrin's best work from the time. There's a couple of stinkers on it featuring the 3 Degrees but the rest is superb and is easily on a par with The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 .This album has been heavily sampled for its breaks, beats and atmospheric themes - most successfully ,in my opinion, by the Karminsky Experience.



Groovin' Dan said...

Wow. I just discovered your blog last night, and I've just spent my morning grooving to Diamonds (which I never even knew about) and that awesome Bobbi Humphrey LP. Keep up the incredible work - I will definitely be back for more!

ZForbes said...

thank you! amazing blog