26 April 2006


Although Opa made some exciting contributions to Brazilian jazz in the 1970s and had a strong supporter in percussionist Airto Moreira, the South American trio never took off commercially. Opa was founded in 1969 by Uruguayan keyboardist/pianist/singer Hugo Fattoruso (b. Jun. 26, 1943, Montevideo, Uruguay), who recruited drummer George Fattoruso (his brother) and bassist Ringo Thielmann. Opa moved from South America to New York in 1970, and their Manhattan gigs soon caught Moreira's attention. Opa became Moreira's rhythm section and was employed on his second CTI album, Fingers, in 1973, and Hugo Fattoruso later appeared as a sidemen on other 1970s albums by Moreira and his wife, singer Flora Purim. Unfortunately, Moreira's popularity didn't rub off when he produced Opa's two LPs Golden Wings (1976) and Magic Time (1977). Neither sold, and Opa broke up in the early 1980s without ever recording a third album. Hugo Fattoruso soon moved to Brazil, where he worked with Brazilian stars Djavan and Chico Buarque before returning to Uruguay in 1989. His brother also returned to Uruguay (where he co-led a group with his wife, singer Mariana Ingold), while Thielemann remained in the U.S. and seemed to move away from music.
I have posted Golden Wings here as its the stronger of the two lps containing the prototype "Tombo in 7/4"on "Pieces" and the two classic jazz dance tunes "African Bird" and "Goldenwings".They sure domt make em like this anymore!!!!



Arnaldo DeSouteiro said...

I feel proud for having convinced Milestone/Fantasy to allow me to produce the twofer CD reissue of Opa's albums originally produced by Airto. Both are superb! IMHO, Hugo Fattoruso, one of the all-time greatest keyboardists, is a genius whose "creativity in the choice of electronic textures and colors was matched only by Joe Zawinul", like I wrote in my liner notes for the CD, back in 1997. And I feel privileged for the chance of having worked with Hugo Fattoruso on albums & live concerts by Yana Purim (from 1981 to 1986) and Nelson Angelo (in 1998). Congrats for the blog! Keep jazzin' & groovin' high!
Arnaldo DeSouteiro

trank grappa said...

I am a great fan of the music of Opa and of course I have their LP's as well as an LP called "the lost sessions 1975". i herad it for the first time in 1979 and this music will always be with me.the arrangements of Hugo Fattoruso and the including of the famous Candombe rhythm of Uruguay are unique!
thanks for making this music a bit more popular trough your blog :-)

sponge1975 said...

this is an amazing album that i would love to get my hands on again but your link didn't work. please email me at fsu3602003@live.com if you have repost it somewhere else. i grew up on this record with goldenwing, pieces, and groove were in constant rotation around the house. both albums were grotesquely over looked. thank you for keeping the album out there.

Big Kahunas said...

im a uruguayan young men i never listen this disc,its strange read all this people for other countries talking about this nature musicans of uruguay,irecomend you the artist EDuardo mateo,mateo plays whit the fatoruso brothewrs a lot of times.

you link is broken...this is a on line link
a big hug from uruguay.


Sebastián said...

Mil gracias Kahuna!!!
Hace tiempo había logrado bajar unos cuantos discod re Rada con los Fatto y Opa pero los perdí/borré.
Si tenés algún CD más , porfa subilo.
Abrazo desde Argentina!!!

Simon666 said...

Just tracked this down somewhere else .... probably your rip though, so thanks Bacoso!