14 April 2006


Prime material from Nat Adderley and David Axelrod and despite the biblical leanings of the title, the record is pretty damn funky. As they did for the Zodiac, Axelrod and Adderley take a trip through a host of cultural milestones stopping along the way to turn each one into a new pillar of soul, working with Rick Holmes, who narrates the set in the same way he did on the Zodiac albums. Brother Cannonball Adderley ,Airto Moreira , Francisco Centeno and George Duke are among the players in the album's very funky backing and Axelrods production gives it that huge fat wide screen sound .



xmnr0x23 said...

mm-mmm-mmmmmm... This is a nice album!!!! If it wasn't for your comment over at Double-O, I wouldn't have come over to your blog and missed this production. I pillaged the rest yesterday evening and am now chilling to the Axe/Adderley vibes. You've included all the tracks and God bless you for that :)

I'm trying to collect as much Axelrod albums and productions as possible, so this is a nice addition!

bacoso said...

will post The Black Messiah at some point in the future (Adderley and Axelrod) I think I have most of Axelrods LPs and a lot of his productions so watch this space for more !!

xmnr0x23 said...

Okay, I'll be on the lookout then :) And tnx! Have upped some shares, Eddie will post the links I assume. Different stuff tho'

Have a couple myself too. I'll make a list and see if there's something you're missing. Allthough I guess not :)

comgar said...

I was a good friend of Nats and I missed this album somehow. thanks for your good taste.
When cannonball and Nat came to Toronto I was at just about every show from 69 to the last show Nat gave at the Montreal bistro in the nintets.

Tex said...

A almost deleted it after the first two tracks (LP 1).. Thank GOD I didn't.. what came after was jazzy, funky!
Thank you for the fine rip, upload and post.

Cheers, Tex

Rthentic said...

Hi, Could This Possibly be Re-Uped because the link is no longer working.
Thank You
Peace And Blessings

Ernesto said...

Ani chance of a repost?

mangedisc.fr said...


There was a fine discussion starting here. I'm myself a big fan of axelrod and axelrod / adderley collab'.
I'm digging all i can from those guys.
I'm wondering if you have in mind any other musicians / producers who did the same kind of music.
I would say that the 2 albums of 24 carat black would go that way or James Tatum. Deep vibe...
If you're interested in sharing some music, check me out.