15 April 2006


One of the greatest albums of Latin Jazz ever recorded and a landmark session from Jack "Mr Bongo" Costanzo! The album well earns its "fever" claim as the set smokes from the very first note Jack's bongos calling the pace, moving fast and furiously to pull in a jazzy mix of tenor, trumpet, flute, and piano the latter of which is played by the great Eddie Cano! The whole thing's full on, and without any of the kitsch, tricks, or gimmicks that could sometimes hurt a session like this. No-nonsense hard core latin jazz all the way through - all killer no filler!!!!!



Rob said...

Wonderful stuff, dig the exotica shares!


magnum said...

Makes the blood course double time through my vein's, anyway I bought this at a school fate at the top of my mum's road on uk release joy of joys 50p see ya.

Xtabay said...

great, what can I say, bongos deluxe!