20 April 2006


A real lost chapter in the career of vibist Dave Pike -- an obscure one-off Latin session recorded for Decca in the mid 60s! The album was done in the years between Pike's first few early jazz sides and his later tripped-out sessions for MPS and Vortex and features Dave leading a groovy combo that has a really playful approach to the work. Players include trumpeter Dave Burns, flautist Hubert Laws, guitarist Atilla Zoller, and a young Chick Corea as well as Latin instrumentalists that include Willie Bobo, Patato Valdez, and Israel Cachao Lopez. The tunes include a number of really strong originals that push the format of such a set stretching past simple Latinized cover tunes, and displaying the ear for modal and global grooves that would mark some of Pike's best later years.



space debris said...

hah - this is a great great album - from start to end !

I found a sealed original copy of this a few years back in a used bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. Didn't even know Pike then but as they asked only $4 for it I decided to get it. In fact, I got it for the cover mainly (hehe) and it took months before I finally listened to the album. When I did I was blown out of my socks.

Sem Sinatra said...

wonderful album - thank you

Lazar said...

No comment..
Thanks for sharing you have a wonderfull taste :)

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the doc said...

any chance to get this one re-upped? I'd love it

-the doc-

the doc said...

any chance to get this one re-upped? I'd love it

-the doc-

Silverspurr said...

I sold my original LP on Ebay 4 years ago.
Before I did, I took it and made a color Xerox of the cover, framed it and it's on my hallway wall.
That Latina chinita is to die for.
Plus... it's a great LP, a rarity with Cachao on bass.

Superb blog, I always enjoy perusing.
Thank you.