26 April 2006


Probably Charles Earland's best work from the 70s and a monster 2 LP set that catches the master organist right before he started goofing around too much with other keyboards and recording rubbish for disco consumption. The group is very very tight, and never stops grooving on 4 sides of magical stuff, all spearheaded by the amazing soaring keyboards of Charles Earland. Freddie Hubbard, Eddie Henderson, and Joe Henderson all sit in, Harvey Mason kicks light and free on drums and also features Patrick Gleeson on moogs. Includes an excellent version of "Red Clay", plus a stellar batch of originals, like "Van Jay", "Mason's Galaxy", "Brown Eyes", and "Warp Factor 8". Great great stuff and one of my favourite organ led lps.

Ripped in two parts:


Richard said...

Your taste in music is impeccable! You've got a fantastic blog going here and I love your album description s as well. Many thanks.

caldanitbrad said...

What a fantastic find! All of these players are among my favorites. Can't wait to plug this in...

Thanks for such great taste and generosity.

Martijn said...

Hi! First of all I want to pay my respect to your incredible blog! It is really awesome! Nice to know that there are still people who appreciate real and good music.

I am looking for this album for a long time now, but it is nowhere to be found, not even in stores. The links are dead unfortunately. Is it possible to reupload this?
You would make my day!!

Hope to hear from you.


(The Netherlands)

Radsta said...

Hi, any chance of reloading this. I've found myself searching after listening to this below


Loook forward to hearing from you.