11 April 2006


Although quite an obscure field, the world of Brazilian fusion can often
yield great results. It seems Brazilian studios were great fans of early
synths as many of the recordings by Azymuth and Marcos Valle testify.
This album is one of the finest examples of Rhodes/synth led fusion -
the percussion is as good as you'd expect from a Brazilian band and
often 100 mph! The compositions though are varied and complex.
Metropole features a massive break beat kick off and bridge ,Fabricia is a fusion flyer later to be beautifully covered by Harris Simon , Imigrantes changes completely before coming full circle and Metro just rides on a wave of wah wah'd clavinet and String Ensemble. The original of this album is probably near impossible to find outside of Brazil, but was re issued on cd for the great 100 Anos De Musica series by RCA /BMG .



Farther Oblivion said...

Yeah, real funky! Love it!

coolanddeadly said...

Some great musicians at work here. Thank you.

Bombolino said...

This is a GREAT album.