5 April 2006


A great Brazilian set from Cal Tjader quite different than most of his other work of the time! Although Cal spent most of his time at Fantasy Records working in a mixture of jazz and Afro-Cuban styles, he steps off here in a very Brazilian 70s mode one that has some great links with jazz trends going on in Brazil at the time! Production is by Airto and arrangements are by George Duke and there's a wonderful crossing of Rio and California in the set -- one that uses keyboards from Egberto Gismonti, flute from Hermeto Pascoal, guitars by David Amaro, and trombone from Raul De Souza. Dawilli Gonga aka george duke plays some especially nice keyboards on the set and titles include a great version of Joao Donato's "Amazonas"


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Farther Oblivion said...

Very nice fusion work by Tjader - and George Duke. Can't fail to hear his influence. For those of you who want more George Duke from this period (mid 70s) come on over to http://jazzmasterjay.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the album, Bacoso!