13 April 2006


One of Bobby Hutcherson's greatest records ever and a session that never got released at the time in 1967.It got a limited japanese release on vinyl - which still goes for silly money even now - then went to cd in 1990 but it was well worth the long wait .(Has now been RVGd with a dfferent cover- the 1990 cd which this post was ripped from is long out of print )The album's an excellent quartet session, one that's very much in the best spirit of Bobby's great Happenings album on Blue Note and it features a similar group that includes Hutcherson on vibes, Herbie Hancock on piano, Albert Stinson on bass, and Joe Chambers, one of Hutcherson's best accompanists from the 60s, on drums. The format's more modal than Happenings and the set features 6 wonderful tracks that mix together the "new thing" sound of earlier Hutcherson Blue Notes, with some of the nascent soulfulness that started creeping into his work at the end of the 60s . One of my all time top 5.


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