30 April 2006


Cirrus finds Bobby Hutcherson resuming his partnership with tenor saxophonist Harold Land, and the results are marvellous. The pair work with pianist Bill Henderson, trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Ray Drummond, drummer Larry Hancock, saxophonist/flautist Emmanuel Boyd and percussionist Kenneth Nash on this set of originals.The album starts with a great version of Woody Shaw's "Rosewood" while the rest of the set is written by Hutcherson and includes "Even Later".Highlight of the lp for me is the atmospheric and brooding "Zuri Dance" - what a corker !



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trane said...

Hi, first of all let me tell you how great your blog is, with this terrific idea of making mostly out of print lp’s available!
I also wanted to ask if you could upload this file

I don’t want to put any pressure, but I will be online till the 24th, and then again from the 4th of January onwards.

Thanks a lot
(my email: sparti@unisi.it)

Chistochel said...

Could you, please, repost??????? PLEASE?

jw_natural said...

So much of this music I had pre Katrina. Any chance you can supply active links? Thanx

cream of beats said...

Dope album right here. Good luck finding it peoples! :)