17 April 2006


The rarest of all of Art Blakey's percussion group projects and probably the best. The session features Blakey at the head of a strong mix of jazz and percussion players with Art Taylor and Philly Joe Jones on the regular drum kit, Donald Byrd on trumpet and Ray Bryant on piano, and a host of assorted percussion work by the likes of Ray Barretto, Sabu Martinez, Victor Gonzalez, Julio Martinez,Chonguito Vicente ,Fred Pagani Jr and Victor Gonzalez. The resultant sound is incredible very full, rich, and earthy and done in a way that interweaves African and Latin percussion styles with straighter American jazz! A few cuts have chanting by Blakey and Sabu with Hal Rasheed which, although not authentic, works well within the context of the record.
This lp features two killer cuts - The Feast and Lamento Africano - but the rest is also great



fauxteur said...

great stuff as usual, thanks!

Ornette said...

Another great one. Thanks again.

wooodenelephant said...

one of my favourite sets this, but i've never heard vol2. future post perhaps?

Maya & Michael said...

Hey there - great postings! I'm having trouble grabbing some of the stuff (specifically Blakey's Holiday for Skins). I've tried copying and pasting into a couple different browsers but it keeps saying file not found. I had downloaded a McCoy Tyner album already and one by Les De Merle but can't seem to get the Blakey to download. Maybe I'm being greedy and the web is punishing me or maybe you have removed the Blakey? Anyway, thanks for the other stuff - it's great.

q3mi4 said...

what a pity, link dead.
Volume2 posted later still alive, however