25 March 2006


One of the great latin jazz lps of the 60s and featuring who else but Sabu Martinez.
Latin Kaleidoscope is comprised of two suites, with the band swinging on well-written parts to a panoply of well-used percussion elements .Boland recruited drummers Kenny Clare, Al "Tootie" Heath" and Sabu Martinez to add their percussion talents.
Gary McFarland’s six-part "Latin Kaleidoscope" is a joy to discover – much as it was to first hear his solo creations and offers much evidence of his gifts. Boland, who added his own touches to this suite, never takes a solo throughout and is occasionally heard on harpsichord; a sensitive touch to sensitively considered music. And excellent solos are taken by Sahib Shihab ("Duas Rosas"), Ronnie Scott ("Uma Fita de Tres Cores") and Aki Persson ("Othos Negros")
Francy Boland’s "Cuban Fever" is like a musical postcard of Cuba: powerful, colorful, exciting, where the unexpected is approached at every corner. The innate skill of Boland’s craft is most apparent here. Like the great jazz arrangers, he’s a scenarist, a master painter. Here the brasses cover more of the thematic canvas. But it is often the reeds that take solo honors (a nice contrast) – with the exception of the beautiful finale, "Crepusculo y Aurora" that benefits by a resonant Benny Bailey trumpet solo (Clarke’s clever shifting patterns are much in evidence here too).



Vanzetti said...

DAMN! I am really in love with all of this Clarke-Boland Big Band stuff. So damn BRIGHT and really driving rhythms!

Any chance someone can let me know of a good place to find a comprehensive discography of all this Clarke/Boland Stuff? I've checked all the usual suspects, and can't get a very good picture of just what was ever released and when.

When was this album released? Great stuff. Thanks so much man!

Vanzetti of edinburgh

Gareth said...

Hi there I have a bootleg of companionship its probably the best bootleg I have ever seen, the artwork is perfect and it sounds good too... Only thing is I bought in the mid nineties new from "Soul Jazz On Sea" in Brighton, England. The shop closed and I always wondered about it until the guy who ran that shop called at my house to read my gas meter...! So I asked him about it and he told me the guy who made it got busted... it was his first and only bootleg too, apparently the police thought they were onto some big time bootleger, I wonder if this is the same bootleg you mention... anyway I wish I bought 3 copies now

bacoso said...

hey gareth-yea thats right-he was busted and all the albums pulped but a few survived.I heard the story from the guys in mister bongo when they were trading out of that shitty old dump in soho not long after the guy was done.I used to travel to the jazz bops in brighton and prior to that baz's do at the old church and before that murphys bashes at the churvchill something or other hotel which would be about 1983.funnily enough the bootleg still fetches over a ton on ebay and i'm fucking sure there's a few been sold as originals!So you shoulda bought 6 !!!!BTW mines still getting major d/loads and its the 4th time i've posted it.

Scott said...

WHere did it go ?

Scott said...

Darn, it's not on the site anymore... bummer!