23 March 2006


A monster of an lp from pianist Duke Pearson -- a darkly-tinged album of grooves that surpasses all his other gems for Blue Note! The record showcases some great work from Bobby Hutcherson -- slid into the mix in a really sly way, so that his jazzy vibes color all the tunes with an edgey feeling that's missing from most of Duke's other albums. The group's fairly large -- with Jerry Dodgion on flute and alto, Sam Brown and Al Gafa on guitar, plus added Latin percussion from Potato Valdez on a number of tracks -- but although the larger group format often made for softer edges on other Pearson sessions from the time, the mix here is quite different -- at a level that works in complicated rhythms, rich colors and tones, and warm harmonics that have a slightly unsettling undercurrent. The album's worth it alone for the mighty title cut "The Phantom" -- but the rest is still fantastic!



number06 said...

i listened to it this afternoon...it was very cool. Great and excellent record that i've discovered today. Especially the first track 'the pantom', really soft & groove.Thanks,

Be Seeing You !

Martian Shaker said...

This is beautiful !


Miss F said...

w0w, incrediBLE album...judGing from the fiRst track which I'm now listening to... and my spirit is shaking in bLiss!

love those soft, cool, grrro0o0vy instruMents...so exoTic-sounding~ aw! perfect for an 0rgy in rhytHm!

thaNks a Lot

please delude us with more of your awes0me coLlecti0n

PINTURA said...

hello bacaso, great blog and great music . No chance of getting to Duke "Phantom" link workin again...?
I've been looking for this one for years...

André said...


First of all your blog is amazing, spent hours and hours reading and listening to the best and rare jazz! Thanks!

I got here because of this Duke Peason album, have been looking for it everywhere.
Any chance of a repost?!