19 March 2006


One of the great lost treasures of latin jazz this is one of my favourite lps .
To quote John Storm Roberts from his essential book The Latin Tinge "Under a singularly gentle surface , Paunetto's compositions encompass a remarkable range of influences . He touches all the Cuban bases from afro cuban drumming to charanga violins and his approach to jazz is very much coloured by the modal and free rhythm experiments of the late 60s and early 70s . The result is of a quietly exhilarating subtlety that provides a very rich framework for his soloists "


dr_mabuse said...

first, thanks SO MUCH for the great music.

second, i just wanted to mention that the rar file for this post does not contain the album pictured, but rather the album "commit to memory" (which is also excellent, of course.)

bacoso said...

Well spotted - the Paunettos Point post was ripped from the double CD set which it was reissued on along with Commit to Memory. This set used the artwork from the latter album thus this is the artwork on the RAR file.I shall post Commit to Memory at some point in the future.Lots of Eddie Palmieri coming up when I get the time to rip em from the vinyl.

Sem Sinatra said...

Sadly this didn't do it for me but thanks for the chance to hear it anyway.

Window Washer said...

Thanks for good music and the hard work.
I love these unknown brasil stuff
keep up the good work