20 March 2006


An incredible record -- one of the best sides of Latin jazz you could ever hope to find! West coast vibist Bobby Montez had a fantastic sound during the 50s -- one that mixed together Latin rhythms in a way that few other players were using. He kind of fixed on a changing modal groove, the sort that would later be used more heavily by Dave Pike or Bobby Vince Paunetto -- and he worked his combo like a shifting plate of rhythms, swirling around the grooves on piano, bass, and percussion in a weirdly complicated way, yet never failing to swing, or to hit that right groove for the dancefloor. This 1958 album is a rare gem -- the sort that changes hands for hundreds of dollars in the original, and for good reason. This is ripped from the reissue which was remastered as the original had a pressing defect which caused hiss through out the lp



ramson_knowling said...

Thanks ..thanks ... by this album!!! ...I love high quality latin jazz!!!

This blog is wonderful!!!

FromParisWithLove said...

A wonderfull blog, here !!!Congratulation and thank's for all these quality shares.

Please, could you reload this Bobby Montez album and the Dave Pike "Manhattan Latin" too ? Thank's a lot !

All the best.

Bobbo from Paris