29 March 2006


Incredibly righteous work from Bobby Hutcherson -- a rare Blue Note session that features vocals by Eugene McDaniels! The set was recorded right before McDaniels' groundbreaking Headless Heroes album, but it's got a similar sort of vibe -- breaking down genres and musical expectations -- and reaching forth with a powerful progressive sound that's beyond compare! All tracks feature lead vocals by Eugene McDaniels, supported by a small chorus of backing singers -- in a mode that's a bit like some of the Eddie Gale work on Blue Note at the time -- all topped off with some great instrumental work by a core combo that features Hutcherson on vibes, Harold Land on tenor, Wally Richardson on guitar,Candido on congas and Joe Chambers on drums. Imagine the greatness of the Hutcherson/Land group, but with the added bonus of a spiritual soul jazz vocal aspect -- and you've really got a key picture of this one! Like the best work on Strata East, but recorded years before. I'm not a big fan of vocal jazz but this album does it for me every time.Ripped this from the reissue cd as my vinyl copy is nearly worn out!



Curved Air said...

Excellent record...thx for the shares!

Seidrik said...

yes..! Excellent !
merci !

Spindrift said...

Hi, I was surfing the internet and here I am at your blog. I'm quite impressed , with how you have put it all together.

I'll be coming back again.


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Sergej said...

Hi.Very beautiful blog but this file can't be open.

Ricky Freshhh said...

Hi, i was wondering to dwnld this file but it seems that the lik is broken , do you know where i can find it? it's not a matter if you can't

Thanks for all the sound, it's a ali baba's Cavern for me!

Maro said...

I man,

I really love your blog... amazing collection of good vinyls!!!
Any chance for a reup of this one?



Art Simon said...

Maro, Ricky and Sergey try:

Maro said...

thanks a lot art simon

Chistochel said...

Thanks for the repost :)

STEEF said...

Thanks for the repost :)

Jivethumb said...

There is nothing better than thinking you've heard most of an artists catalog only to find an album you haven't heard that is totally different and refreshing! Sweet